Deltares: NBS Products and Services for Flood Risk Reduction

14:00 – 17:00 | Location: Tallinn University, Auditorium A325


This session illustrates innovative uses of integrated open source modelling and earth observation image analysis for flood safety NBS on sandy and muddy coasts. It shows a use-potential of the Sentinel satellite imagery. It is important for policy makers and market parties by showing what information can be made available on world wide scale for rapid assessments and high resolution local applications for climate adaptation.

Contents and objectives:

Climate change causes new challenges to flood risk management and a quest for new, more flexible and adaptive solutions. Extreme events such as hurricanes Katrina and Sandy are requiring rethinking of traditional approaches to flood defence. To meet this challenge, environmental managers, consultants and other market and research parties are collecting data and developing tools to support sustainable solutions.

Nature based flood defence is becoming recognised as one of the most sustainable and cost-effective strategies. More and more Nature Based Solutions for Flood Defence (NBFD) are identified and are becoming a feasible alternative or addition to traditional flood risk reduction measures. However, at the moment this concept is not widely implemented. Both in FP7 and H2020 programs, products and services have been developed to use the latest earth observation and computer modelling capabilities for products that inform managers and citizens on the safety status of their coasts, with world wide coverage.

In this session we want to share with you the state-of-the-art in products and services assessing the effect of Nature Based Flood Defence Solutions on flood risk reduction and discuss with you the way forward to link this state-of-the-art to measures and policies.


Opening & Setting the scene

  • Mindert de Vries (Deltares, the Netherlands), coordinator of EU-FP7- FAST project

Integrating Earth observation and numerical modelling

  • The protection potential of soft vegetated foreshores (FAST) mapped and shared online
  • Using high resolution earth observation imagery from Sentinel
  • Examples of use-cases

Predicting impacts and optimizing planning

  • Breaching and flooding, prediction capabilities of advanced numerical models (FP7 RISC-KIT)
  • Flood safety and coastal planning, optimizing functions and services (Coastal Hazard Wheel) integrating online mapping services
  • Examples of use-cases

Discussion in subgroups on useability, requirements and links to policies


Wrap up and take home messages